Vega and Scout Puppies

Vega stand
               Scout                                                        Vega
     Can Can Shepherdsway Phantom Scout                                       Shepherdsway Red Sooloo of Casiat
 On the 14th July 2004 Vega gave birth to a monster litter of 13 puppies!!
 We had 3 boys (Tao, J'Jay & Kamots) and 10 little girls (Summer,      Mishka, Ishka, Storm, Taryn, Pinga, Aiyanna, Suki, Suka & Kaiya)
 The pups were varying shades of Wolf Grey, Wolf Grey Sable and   Alaskan Seal.
 VS Aiyanna 8
 VS Aiyanna older
Casiat Time The Avenger - Aiyanna 
 VS Ishka older
VS Ishka 8 
 VS Kaiya older
VS Kaiya 8
Casiat I'll Stand By You - Kaiya
Kaiya went to live with her Dad Luke in Essex and was a funny and cuddly little bundle of fluff.
Sadly this lovely little girl was diagnosed with a Liver Shunt and didn't make it through the operation to save her.
Sleep tight Sweet Kaiya
VS Kamots 8
 Casiat  Talk of The Town - Kamots
 This adorable young man has a tale to tell.....
Watch out for Kamots page coming soon!!!
 VS Mishka older
VS Mishka 8
Madam Mishka lives with our good friends Sandy and Steve. She now has brother 'Tao' to keep her company too!!
 VS JJ older
VS Moley 8
 VS Pinga older
VS Pinga 8
Casiat Kidd - 'Pinga'
Pinga lives in Canada with Martin, Babs and Joey - what a lucky girl!!
VS Storm 8
'Storm' VS Storm older
VS Suka 8
 VS Suka older
Casiat Rebel Rock Me - 'Suka'
Suka lives with Phil and Sarah in Norfolk.
She has tried her hand at showing and racing!!
VS Suki 8
 VS Suki older
VS Taryn 8
Casiat Chill Factor of Peletan - 'Taryn' VS Taryn older
This beautiful girl lives with Helen in Wales.
She has done exceedingly well in the showring and has recently had her first litter -  click here for more details about Taryn and her litter.
Taryn also has her Working Pack Dog (WPD) title.
We are very proud of all her achievements and Helens hard work - Well Done Girls!!!
VS Tao 8
Casiat Sense of Purpose - 'Tao'
VS Summer 8
Casiat Isle of View - 'Summer'
See more of our 'Sumo' on her page here