Taizii's puppies


Taizii and Bullit Puppies


Week 5

TBP W5 all pups asleep

Day 4

Everyone is continuing to do well and Taizii has now voluntarily left the whelping box to spend a penny rather than being lifted out!!

They are already changing so much and growing, some more than others.............Bertha..........!!!

TBP D004 9













A short tour of the whelping box.


 The noise is coming from Bertie, we have the feeling that the phrase 'Oh Bertie' will be quite common over the next few weeks!!



Friday 13th July

Overnight Taizii gave birth to 9 beautiful puppies! Mum and puppies all doing well despite Taizii's effort to have them in the stables!!

TBP T and pups











TBP Newborn all 9We have

1 grey boy

1 grey girl

1 seal boy

2 red girls

1 dark red girl

3 dark red boys